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Spark™ Aligners – Whitinsville, MA

Clear, Effective, and Comfortable Aligners

Man with straight teeth smiling at reflection in mirror

There was a time when straightening your teeth required years of wearing metal brackets and wires. Today, that’s not the case! With innovative orthodontic treatments, like Spark™ Aligners, our Whitinsville dentists can guide your teeth into their properly aligned positions with clear and comfortable aligners. If you want to learn more about this teeth-straightening service – from the problems they can fix to the benefits they come with – keep reading.

Why Choose Whitinsville Family Dentistry for Spark™ Aligners?

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How Spark™ Aligners Works

Patient holding clear aligners in the palm of their hand

To guide your teeth into their properly aligned positions, we will provide you with a series of effective, clear, and comfortable aligners. Each one is designed to incrementally move your teeth, and each new tray will pick up where the previous one left off. Since the trays are clear, you’ll be able to watch as your teeth become straighter and straighter, improving the look, health, and function of your smile in the process.

Indications for Spark™ Aligners

Patient placing clear aligners on top teeth

Fortunately, Spark™ aligners are both clear and versatile. As a result, patients with crowded teeth, spaced-out teeth, and bite problems can improve the position of their teeth and the alignment of their bite without the metal! Here’s a little more information on these common orthodontic issues:

Crowded Teeth

If your teeth overlap, then it’s harder to remove plaque, bacteria, and food particles from between your teeth and along your gumline. With Spark™ aligners, we can move your teeth into their properly aligned positions, which will help prevent serious oral health problems, like cavities, while also improving your confidence!

Gaps Between Teeth

Similar to overcrowded teeth, spaced-out teeth can negatively impact your oral health as well as your confidence. Don’t worry – our clear aligners can gently move your teeth closer and closer together, giving you the straight, healthy, and functional smile you’ve been wanting.

Bite Alignment

Of course, we want to improve the alignment of your bite as well. That way, we can help prevent issues like premature wear and tear. The good news is that Spark™ aligners can help fix overbites, crossbites, underbites, and the like!

The Benefits of Spark™ Aligners

Smiling patient holding clear aligner

Of course, one of the biggest perks of clear aligners is in the name – they are clear! However, that’s not the only reason you should consider this orthodontic treatment. Spark™ aligners are also made with cutting-edge TruGEN™ technology. As a result, the trays are comfortable, stain-resistant, and effective. The average treatment timeline with clear aligners is also significantly shorter than traditional braces. In fact, patients with mild orthodontic issues can achieve their dream smile in as little as six months.

How Much Do Spark™ Aligners Cost?

Dental assistant smiling while handing patient form

Since each treatment plan is custom-made, there isn’t a flat fee for Spark™ aligners. Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean that getting an estimate of the cost is hard; all you have to do is schedule a consultation with our Whitinsville dental team! That way, we can learn all about your dental needs, determine if you’re a candidate, create your custom treatment plan, and share the price (as well as the financial solutions we offer).