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Restorative Dentistry – Whitinsville, MA

Restore and Save Your Natural Teeth!

Thanks to advancements in dental technology, the dentists at Whitinsville Family Dentistry have the ability to restore teeth in ways that you may not have considered possible until now. Not only can we restore your teeth to its natural splendor, but we can do so more effectively and more efficiently than ever before. Whether you need fillings that blend in with your current teeth or durable natural-looking crowns in just one appointment, we can make it a reality with advanced restorative dentistry in Whitinsville.

Why Choose Whitinsville Family Dentistry for Restorative Dentistry?

  • CEREC-Made Crowns Designed and Fabricated In-Office
  • Advanced Digital Impression Systems – PrimeScan and Omnicam Available
  • High-Quality, Natural-Looking Ceramics Utilized

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Real patient before and after dental crown placement

One of the most common forms of tooth replacement available, dental bridges use a series of natural-looking dental crowns fused together to fit on top of existing teeth and fill the gap in your smile. After making minor modifications to your existing teeth and capturing your mouth using our digital impression scanning device, we can design and create a bridge that fits naturally and gives you the confidence to smile again!

Tooth Colored Fillings

Real patient's smile after restorative dentistry treatment

Silver fillings may have been effective at restoring damaged teeth in the past. However, modern solutions like tooth-colored fillings allow us to restore teeth in a more natural way, all without the use of amalgam or metal materials. Instead, we use composite resin, which is a combination of glass and plastic, to save teeth damaged by extensive tooth decay or cavities. The process only takes one visit to complete and does not sacrifice long-term durability for aesthetics.

SOLEA® Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry

Dentist using SOLEA laser system

SOLEA is the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA, and it offers a uniquely powerful wavelength that our team uses to carry out dental procedures more comfortably and accurately than ever before. Better yet, it’s virtually painless! Most of our patients don’t even require any anesthesia to feel at ease throughout the procedure. The incredible precision of the technology allows us to preserve the maximum amount of healthy dental structure when treating cavities, and the tooth remains stronger for the long-term. You also no longer have to worry about uncomfortable stitches or tediously long healing periods.

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CEREC One-Visit Dental Restorations

Dental team member using CEREC system

Have you always dreaded receiving a dental crown because of the long-wait times, multiple appointments, temporary crowns and goopy impression material required to receive one? With the help of CEREC, all of these drawbacks that typically accompany reliable restorations go out the window. CEREC utilizes digital impression technology to capture your affected tooth, then uses that 3D image to design a crown that fits over your damaged tooth precisely and effectively. Finally, the design is sent to our in-office milling device, which fabricates the crown in about one hour.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

Full denture prior to placement

The dentures of today have become far more effective at replacing teeth and looking natural compared to the early prototypes used by our forefathers. Today, they use durable ceramics and gum-colored acrylics, ensuring that they look natural and durable for many years to come. They can be designed to replace a handful of teeth (partial) or an entire arch of teeth (full.) They can even be designed to be fixed, removable or paired with dental implants!

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Root Canal Therapy

Animation of the inside of the tooth

At the end of the day, the dentists at Whitinsville Family Dentistry want to save teeth by any means necessary. Root canal therapy is the most effective solution to saving teeth suffering from severe damage or oral infection as a result of extensive decay. With the help of our CT Cone Beam Scanner and Solea CO2 Soft Tissue laser, we can ensure better treatment planning and the most comfortable experience possible.

Tooth Extractions

Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

In the event that your tooth becomes so damaged that it cannot be saved, we’ll extract it in order to protect your neighboring teeth. Our dentists typically avoid tooth extraction unless they are absolutely necessary. Prior to your treatment, we’ll go over each step of the extraction process and make sure all of your needs are met in terms of comfort and accommodations, including the use of oral conscious sedation if necessary.