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Whitinsville Family Dentistry Calms Your Fears with Anxiety Relief

We want to make sure you're as comfortable as possible whenever you're in our office. Why? Because dental anxiety stands between far too many people and the dental care they need to stay healthy, and your oral health is very important to us. Our anxiety relief offerings are part of our commitment to providing you with complete dental care.

Sedation Dentistry

For some patients, the most difficult part of coming to the dentist is getting up the courage. Oral sedation may be the solution to help you get through the door. You simply take one pill one hour before your dental visit. At your initial consultation, Dr. Cnossen or Dr. Tubo can prescribe a safe and powerful medication that will help to settle your anxiety and make your appointment more relaxing. When you employ sedation dentistry during a visit, you must have a driver take you to and from your dental appointment, as you will be in a state of total relaxation and your ability to drive will be impaired.

In-Office Medication

For some patients and procedures, it may be advisable to take anti-anxiety medication in the office at the time of your appointment. This is typically for longer appointments, special-needs patients, or patients with extreme dental phobia. These powerful prescription medications are administered at the start of your appointment with careful monitoring and are usually given about an hour to start working while you relax watching some TV or reading your favorite book.

You will not be asleep for the procedure, but just like with oral premedication, you will be in a state of total relaxation. Anti-anxiety medication carries some risk and is not for everyone; but for those who have let stress and anxiety keep them from coming to the dentist, this may be the perfect solution.

It has been our experience that once a patient has visited our warm, inviting practice and has met our caring doctors and staff, the need for oral sedation or anxiety medication is greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated. If you think that oral sedation will help you get through the door and get your dental care back on track, contact our Whitinsville dental office for an appointment. We serve Uxbridge, Northbridge, Grafton, and surrounding communities as well.

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