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Jen had some spaces left behind by her missing lateral incisors and she didn't like her "gummy smile." A few months of Invisalign to even out the spaces, a little bit of gum lift surgery, and 10 porcelain veneers got her to the smile she had always wanted!


Holly finished Invisalign at Whitinsville Family Dentistry in about 7 months’ time with Dr. Tubo. The result is a stunning, gorgeous smile with no more spaces!


Don is Dr. Tubo's grandfather - who came in to have a chipped tooth looked at. After a thorough examination, we decided that fixing all of his upper teeth and all of the lower back teeth was needed to avoiding losing his teeth. The cosmetic changes were just a beneficial "side effect" of the work that had to be done anyway. At first, he wasn't too interested in making cosmetic changes - but then he started getting compliments about how young he was looking. Soon we'll be fixing the lower front teeth too!


Deb shares her story about having a dental implant placed with Dr. Tubo at Whitinsville Family Dentistry. She delayed replacing the broken tooth with an implant for years - and despite the most heroic measures to save the natural tooth, the time had finally come that nothing else would work to fix it. She was afraid a dental implant might hurt... actually, she was very afraid. Have you delayed replacing a missing or broken tooth with a dental implant because you're concerned it might hurt? Then you have to listen to Deb's story!

Bailey and Christy

Bailey wouldn't smile for his last school pictures because of how his front teeth had broken down. His mom Christy was told previously that nothing could be done to repair them. Christy brought Bailey to see Dr. Tubo to check on a chipped tooth and found out just how much was possible!


Megan had Express Invisalign completed in about 5 months’ time with Dr. Tubo at Whitinsville Family Dentistry. The process of wearing the aligners was easy for her, and the aligners were barely noticeable during treatment.

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